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Creative documentary about women and 45 minutes teraphy

Basia, Agnieszka, Ania – in real
BASIA / Agata Piontek
AGNIESZKA / Wiktoria Stryc
ANIA / Oliwia Górecka

DIR / Bartek Bala
SCREENPLAY / Bartek Bala & Karolina Olkowska
DOP / COLOR GRADING / Tomek Langner
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS / Anna Kiermaszek & Karolina Olkowska
CHOREOGRAPHY / Kamila Kruszka
MUSIC / Tomasz Drogokupiec / Tomasz Manderla
SOUND DESIGN / Marcin Pawlukiewicz
MAKE UP / Natalia Kamela

PRODUCERS / Miasto Rybnik, Fundacja PGE Rybnik,
Dance4Kids, HOLE Films
/ © 2019


Linked is a creative documentary film based on a 45 minute therapy record, in which three different alcohol addicted women took part. The film tells us that the problems do not come from addiction but only from the interior and the sensitivity of the heroines, men drink differently than women - says Agnieszka, one of the heroines. A parallel narration interprets the words of women, translating them into a choreographic form that can not fit into the norm of the film. The actual record of the therapy reveals the viewpoint of alcoholics moving around the recesses of a female psyche supplemented by the original form.

Technical information

Project Title / Powiązane / Linked
Film Type / Creative documentary
Runtime / 22 minutes
Completion Date / 01.02.2019
Film Language / Polish
Available Subtitles / English
Shooting Format / RED
Aspect Ratio / 2.39
Film Color / Color
Screening Format / DCP

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