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After 29 years Artur Barciś is again in an unforgettable role of the Krzysztof Kieślowski's Decalogue.

STARRING Artur Barciś Filip Wójcik

DOP / Tomek Langner
EDIT / Piasek & Wójcik
MUSIC/SOUND DESIGN / Marcin Pawlukiewicz
MAKE UP / Natalia Kamela
PRODUCTION MANAGER / Aleksandra Bagińska

© HOLE / 2016

Fifthly, culture

The film was made for the contest, "Short film about the legality of the Culture” for Legally Culture Fundation. The theme of the contest was to use legal sources of culture in connection with the 20th anniversary of the death of Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski the movie was to be inspired by the Decalogue. The film is inspired by the fifth part of the Decalogue. The final composition of the picture clearly refers to the scene of the murder of a taxi driver, while the character of Arthur Barciś appears in the 9 parts of the series as a silent character, an observer of events. Waking multiplicity of interpretations of the character in the film for the Legally Culture into the role which in the Decalogue we did not see him…